RhinoLite and Rhinoboard ceiling roodepoort

RhinoLite and Rhinoboard ceilings

RhinoLite and Rhinoboard ceilings What is a RhinoLite and Rhinoboard ceiling? Ceiling plaster is a hemihydrate gypsum plaster that is lightweight and progressive. It is made specifically as a combined basecoat and multi-purpose finishing plaster for indoor use on sandstone, concrete block, concrete and Gyproc RhinoBoard, and ceilings. It is also suitable for use as […]

ceiling repair


Reasons For Ceiling Repairs If you have a problem with damaged ceilings for any cause, UCP is the one-stop answer. They have a lot of expertise dealing with complicated roof-related issues that people all around Roodepoort have experienced. Dropped Ceilings Also known as suspended, false, or floating ceilings.  They are suspended or fixed beneath the […]