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Handyman Services

Handyman Services Roodepoort & West Rand

Handyman Services Roodepoort & West Rand

UCP provides full handyman service.

For Residential and Commercial handyman maintenance services.

Handyman Services

Some of our regular handyman duties include:

Indoor handyman services

General maintenance includes air conditioning, appliances, carpentry, drywall, geysers, electrical, flooring, heating and cooling, kitchen and bath remodeling, painting, plumbing, pressure washing, roofing and windows, and doors.

We fix leaky pipes, clean drains, test wiring, replace windows, touch-up painted surfaces, and fix broken tile.

Cut and lay new tile, install flooring, assemble prefabricated furniture or even custom-build new furniture or cabinets. installing new locks and troubleshooting smoke detectors.

Plumbing - unblocking sinks, traps and waste pipes, adjustment and rewashing of taps.

Outdoor handyman services

UCP provide upkeep and maintenance to outdoor areas such as yards and landscapes, walkways and exterior buildings.

Cleaning building exterior and gutters, and remove leaves, fallen branches or other debris from walkways.

We can repair outdoor structures and furniture damaged by weather, age or accident.

Fix cracks in concrete sidewalks, replace bricks in brick walkways, remove mold from decks or repair outdoor furniture.

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roodepoort handyman
roodepoort handyman

Why use our handyman services?

Our customer’s safety in their homes are important to us.

We are more than confident to send any one of our maintenance teams into your house to handle any type of issue and you can have peace of mind that you have experienced and trustworthy workers working in your home.

Plumbing Supplies – A Handyman’s Guide.

Every homeowner should have some emergency plumbing supplies on hand to be able to quickly repair common plumbing problems that happen in the home.

These basic plumbing supplies are inexpensive and take up very little room, but will certainly save you a lot of inconvenience and mess!

Know Where The Main Shutoff Valve To Your House Is Located.

Very important of all- when disaster strikes, turn off the water supply to stop any more water from leaking and causing damage until you can fix the problem yourself, or call UCP Home Renovations.

Have UCP phone number on hand.

Our location in Roodepoort

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