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Fencing & Steel West Rand

Fencing & Steelwork West Rand

Fencing & Steelworks in West Rand

Our experienced team is proud to provide quality fence and steel work in the West Rand.

We install a variety of security fencing, gates, railings, burglar proofing and balustrades.

UCP thrive on personalised custom-made solutions to suit our customer's needs.

Our clients and projects are always our top priority.
Our staff is professional, knowledgeable and respectful.

Palisade Fencing

Installation of Security Fencing

What is palisade fencing?

Palisade fencing is made by using two horizontal running rails to which vertical joists are connected.

Palisade fencing comes in different heights and color finishes, depending on what your requirements are.

One of the unique features about palisades is the top finish. The vertical joists will have a point, or sometimes multiple points, making them very hard to scale without the risk of injury.

Palisade fencing is modular and has a good aesthetic appearance.


The advantages of palisade fencing.

Palisade Fencing provides a physical security barrier that's designed to stop intruders from climbing, cutting or hiding behind it.

Steel palisade fencing is resistant to elements and require very little maintenance.

Palisade fencing is especially effective as a physical barrier at:

  • Residential Homes
  • Office Parks
  • Commercial Properties
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Old Age Homes

From small custom palisade fences to large-scale fencing, we have the capacity to install it on time and on budget.

Driveway & Security Gates in West Rand

First impressions are everything.

Security gates and driveway gates are both essential security features for any home, office or any other property.

There is NO need for driveways or security gates to be ugly, dull or boring.

UCP offers unique steel gate designs that will add to the aesthetics of your property.

Railings and Balustrates West Rand

UCP offers railings to complement virtually any architectural style, all made from the best maintenance-free parts available — powder coated aluminum, tempered glass, and stainless steel fasteners.

The cost of your staircase solution is driven by the difficulty of the design and options you choose. Our designers work with a wide range of budgets and can help you find a solution that fits within your budget.


Burglar Bars in West Rand

All UCP custom-made burglar bars are carefully made-to-order according to the client’s unique requirements.

We strive to give our customers the best guidance on security bars that will not only secure their property but also complement it.

Custom-made bars can be fitted internally or externally depending on your requirements.

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