The Jack-of-all-trades

Jack-of-all-trades Jack-of-all-trades or handyman is an experienced person who carry-out various jobs at client homes at a fee. Some of the tasks are maintenance work, installations, trade skills, and repairs, light electric and plumbing jobs. Their services include: Air conditioning Carpentry Plumbing Interior and exterior services Bathroom renovation Cabinets repair Painting and decorating Electrical installation […]

Gamazine Wall Coating,


Gamazine Wall Coating Advantages of Gamazine Wall Coating Gamazine is used to colour change existing walls and ceilings that needs to be painted. Suitable for both interiors and exteriors of homes, factories, architectural buildings, outbuilding and boundary walls. Can be applied to any hard surfaces such as: Asbestos Cement Bricks Wood Fiberglass Gypsum Steel Tiles […]